Dextrose prolotherapy for recalcitrant coccygodynia

Dextrose prolotherapy for recalcitrant coccygodynia


PURPOSE: To present the results of dextrose prolotherapy undertaken for chronic non-responding coccygodynia in 37 patients.

METHODS: 14 men and 23 women (mean age, 36 years) with chronic coccygodynia not responding to conservative treatment for more than 6 months were included. 27 of them had received local steroid injections. A visual analogue score (VAS) was recorded for all patients before and after injection of 8 ml of 25% dextrose and 2 ml of 2% lignocaine into the coccyx. In 8 patients with a VAS of more than 4 after the second injection, a third injection was given 4 weeks later.

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