Top 5 Headache Causes & Solutions

Top 5 Headache Causes & Solutions

Whether it’s a pounding, throbbing pain or pressure that you feel all over, a headache can stop you in your tracks. You might reach for a Tylenol or Advil, which are great at decreasing the pain, and go about your day. But if the headache is severe enough it can cause sensitivity to light (photophobia), difficulty concentrating and thinking and nausea and vomiting. And you can end up back in bed trying to sleep it off.

There are a lot of different types of headaches. The two most common are a tension headache and, migraine headaches. What I found repeatedly are that the underlying causes of headaches or what’s making those headaches worse in people come down to 5 types. Once you know the Top 5 Headache Causes and Solutions you’ll be able to start taking better care of yourself and decrease your headaches.

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