Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration: The Role of the Stem Cells


Ligament, cartilage, and meniscus injuries often have poor healing due to low vascularity and low proliferative abilities of the resident cells. Drawbacks with conventional treatment methodologies have prompted interest in a new approach we term “Regenerative Engineering” to regenerate orthopaedic tissues. The work of cells is of central importance in the Regenerative Engineering paradigm. In this regard, both differentiated cells and stem cells such as bone marrow stromal cells have been studied as sources for orthopaedic tissue regeneration. In addition, other stem cells such as those derived from peripheral blood, synovium, adipose, and other extraembryonic sources have been isolated and characterized and subsequently investigated for regenerating various orthopaedic tissues. In this review, recent developments in the stem cell-mediated regeneration of ligament, cartilage, and menisci are discussed.

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