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Bone on Bone Knee post Dr Weglein Unique PRP Treatments

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Maurice Taylor NBA player
Maurice Taylor NBA player
Ashley Knoll, LPGA golf P. Burguieres, Vice Chairman,
Houston Texans, NFL
Ashley Knoll, LPGA golf P. Burguiers, Vice Chairman, Houston Texans, NFL
Dr. Weglein & Phil Garner,
Houston Astros
Robaire Smith, Cleveland Browns, NFL
Dr. Weglein & Phil Garner,Houston Astros Robaire Smith, Cleveland Browns, NFL
Steve Kearney, Team USA member,
United States Quad Rugby,
Olympic Team USA
Xavier Adibi Houston Texans NFL
Steve Kearney, Team USA member, United States Quad Rugby Xavier Adibi Houston Texans NFL



I had a partially torn rotator cuff and osteoarthritis in my left shoulder. Orthopedic doctors had told me they could give me cortisone injections for the arthritis and surgery for the rotator cuff. Dr. Weglein suggested PRP for both problems.

I flew into Houston from DFW with pain in my shoulder. I flew home that afternoon with no pain at all. I have had six weeks of physical therapy and have almost regained total range of motion with no pain.

I would highly recommend Dr. Weglein and this procedure. I would not hesitate to have it again if needed for another problem

Granbury, Texas

I would like to personally thank you for completing the PRP therapy on my shoulder. Not only after three weeks do I have absolutely no pain in my shoulder I was able to avoid having invasive shoulder surgery with a long recovery period. Prior to seeing you and finding out about PRP therapy I was told by two other orthopedic doctors that my only alternative for repairing the two tears in my shoulder was surgery, which included adding two screws to my shoulder. The PRP procedure itself was non invasive and painless and has healed my shoulder. I was able to return to normal daily activities in 3 weeks from the date of my PRP injection and able to return to weight training in 2.5 months. This procedure is a miracle and I recommend this to anyone who qualifies for this procedure. Please feel free to have any potential patient with questions about the success of this therapy to call me. Thank you so much.

- CD

I want to thank you for treating me with Euflexxa. It has made such a difference in my life!

As you know, I had such knee pain that I couldn't walk much at all. If I needed to go to a store that didn't have the electric carts, I avoided that store. It really limited that joy of my life. Now, I can go anywhere I want to go.

I now can walk without aching and stumbling. I have no pain in the knee joints at all! My muscles are re-adjusting themselves to different positions because I now can stand upright and not be hunched over. Oh, what a difference!

I wish I had known about this before and I am spreading the word. People who have known me for years are asking how I am able to walk so much better and I tell them.

Again, I want to thank you so very much for the treatment that gave me back my mobility. You and Euflexxa have definitely made a difference in my life.

- EP

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing healing experience you provided for me during my recent shoulder injury. The Prolotherapy Procedure you performed has resulted in significant improvement in my right shoulder. As you know, when I first consulted you, I was in constant pain and had very limited mobility in the right arm and shoulder as well as functional limitations. The procedure itself was quite tolerable and I appreciated your concern for my comfort as well as the clear description you offered about all aspects of this procedure. I admit that at first the pain in this shoulder seemed to increase but that only lasted 1-2 days. After 2-3 weeks I began to notice a real difference in my range of motion and pain level. By the 4th week after the Prolotherapy Procedure, I was ready to be discharged from P.T.

I want to thank you for the time you took with me at each appointment. You impressed me as very competent and also very personable. You helped me feel more confident about the good success rate of Prolotherapy. In our follow up appointment, you were kind enough to recommend nutritional supplements that would further my healing process and would strengthen my immune system. I am very pleased with the results of this procedure and I have been recommending it to friends and associates with similar situations or related problems with pain. The entire experience has been positive and I appreciate your skill and ability as a physician. Although further problems are not expected, I would not hesitate to contact you again.

- LB

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